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Visit Capernaum Street! Our most popular series of Sketches.

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 Christian Drama Sketches - Explaining the Bible in a TV age


to the repertoire of sketches written by:

Jane And Mark Lewis.

  • We've been writing sketches for over 20 years for a variety of contexts but especially for use in church services to bring the Bible alive through drama.
  • Most of our drama is (at least is intended to be) funny. Using humour often helps get the point across in a non-threatening way. Sometimes the humour is quite topical and so the sketch will need updating or revising. A few of our sketches are more serious in nature.
  • The vast majority of our sketches are written for just two people so do not require a cast of thousands. A few need around 4-5 actors.
  • We are keen to share our sketches and allow them to be used without the need to pay a license fee (which many professionally written sketches require).
  • We'd also like to encourage church drama groups to adapt our sketches to their own situation or use our ideas to write their own material. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use for further info.
  • We would love to hear how our sketches are being used. So, if you perform any of our sketches please let us know by emailing: sketches@pottedjam.org or by posting a message on our facebook wall.
  • You can also see what other people have said by reading our Feedback or checking out our facebook page.

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